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Child Custody Lawyer in Westminster, MD

During a separation and divorce involving children, it is important to have a formal agreement outlining custody and financial support.  Our lawyers work with you to come to a mutual agreement and recommend cooperation between the parties as the best path forward, however it may be necessary to litigate the arrangements in court to ensure the best interests of all parties are met.

Parents can arrange for sole or joint custody during the separation and after the divorce.  Custody arrangements often contain visitation rights for parents and additional parties, such as grandparents.  These visitation agreements may be supervised or unsupervised.  

Once the divorce is finalized, it may be necessary to petition for post-decree modifications to the custody plan and it is occasionally possible for third parties to challenge custody arrangements if they feel the parent is not fit to maintain custody or not fulfilling their side of the agreement.  In either case, it is important to maintain qualified legal counsel to guide the process and ensure an equitable outcome for all parties involved. 

We offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation to review the specifics of child custody law in Maryland and discuss your representation throughout the process.  Contact us today for legal advice on child custody arrangements or other family law matter.

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