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Child Support Greater Baltimore Area

In addition to custody arrangements for ​children, it is important to determine financial support both during the separation phase and post-divorce decree.  Typical living expenses must be considered for the immediate term and for the long term financial responsibility for life events like college education should be addressed. 

Child support may be voluntary or involuntary.  Voluntary child support is agreed to in contract form and is enforceable in court should one party fail to provide the agreed upon support.  Involuntary support is financial assistance awarded by a court and may be the result of litigation from failure to pay voluntary support. 


Our ​expert legal team can help you determine the amount of child support necessary based on your family's needs and the ability of the supporting party to pay.  We can also prevent the hiding of income or other assets or assist in discovering hidden assets to ensure that all parties are receiving their fair share. 

We offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation for child support legal advice in Maryland and discuss your representation throughout the process.  Contact us today to discuss your child support arrangements or other family law matter.

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