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Maryland Separation Legal Advice

Maryland family law requires couples to live apart before formally filing for divorce.  During this ​separation period, it is important to have a property settlement agreement to address financial and child custody issues.

A property settlement agreement is a legal contract that thoroughly outlines matters such as which partner may remain in the house, child custody and visitation rights, ongoing parenting arrangements, child support and spousal maintenance.  This agreement is an enforceable contract which will also be incorporated into the future divorce decree outlining how these same issues are addressed once the divorce is final.


Our legal team can assist you in preparing a property settlement agreement or review an existing agreement prepared by another legal team to ensure that your interests and your children's interests are best protected during the separation period. 

We offer a complimentary 30 minute consultation to review the steps necessary to file for divorce in Maryland and discuss your representation throughout the process.  Contact us today for representation on your separation / divorce or other family law matter.

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